3 – Your Anime Crush

As you can see, I removed the word day since it’s not even a day anymore. Moving on, this topic makes me cheeks red since we’re talking about crushes.

Hibari Kyoya

Cool, Strong, Smart. It’s definitely him! Honestly, I have a soft spot for good looking man.

Well, Hibari is my most favorite character in Katekyo Hitman Reborn. For me, I find his personality interesting. Yes, he is cold but isn’t it what makes him attractive. Furthermore, being cold is not all about being a bad guy. He has also an unexpected side of him. Just like how he loves small animals.

Loyalty – he truly loves Namimori Middle School to the point of having the school’s anthem his ringtone. And that’s not all, he also protects the peace of his school, especially the rules..

He’s kind of mysterious since I haven’t meet his parents both anime and manga.


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